Hi Gang,

I’m sure some of you have heard me dabble with this over the last year or two. I figured it was time to wrap it up and put it down, with a possible lesson on it if there seems to be a little demand. I started watching Poirot with David Suchet a few years ago. The first 5 years featured a theme written by Christopher Gunning, which is what I was going for here, the 60-second version, much like what is heard in those early episodes.


This is Neil’s take on Bicycle Tune from John Renbourn’s 1976 album The Hermit. There is a complete lesson on the piece available on the site.

Don’t miss to check out the lesson.



Remember is a piece that materialized very quickly on November 1, 2016. I had been planning a few TG lessons and projects when this melody worked its way out of my guitar.

It reminded me of the way Papa’s Guitar appeared many years ago as I had been thinking a lot lately about a close family friend who recently lost her battle with some demons.

It is more of a lyrical piece than a guitar instrumental, and lyrics may follow in time as it ages a bit with me.